Vector graphics editor simillar to Adobe Illustrator®, Sketch and Inkscape.

Made with and for the modern Web Platform.

Can do illustrations, icons, banners, mockups, charts, buttons and more.

Works on Chrome OS, OS X, Linux, Windows and even inside the web browser.



Transforms - Move, resize, rotate and skew any object, either by using on-canvas editing handles or by entering the values manually.

Groups - Group and ungroup objects. Easily navigate nested groups using edit tool or the breadcrumb widget.

Paint servers - Create linear gradients, radial gradients and patterns. Edit them directly on canvas.

Symbols - Create, edit and manage reusable objects and icon sprites.

Paths - Create paths using either freehand or Bezier drawing tools.

Shapes - Create rectangles, triangles, ellipses, circles, stars, n-gons and rings. Each shape has editable properties such as rounded corners or number of arms.

Boolean operations - Unite, subtract, intersect and exclude objects.

SVG and HTML 5 - Open and save SVG(Z) files. SVG is the native format of Boxy SVG. Additionally you can opt-in to use HTML 5 serialization.

Bitmaps - Import PNG, JPEG and GIF files. Export your work to PNG and JPEG.

Google Fonts - Import any font from the Google Fonts library, with a single click. The library includes over 700 unique fonts and it's still growing.

Keyboard shortcuts - Over 100 commands with customizable keyboard shortcuts.


Desktop app that works on OS X, Linux, Chrome OS and Windows.

Available for free with no ads, hidden fees, in-app purchases or annoying sign-up forms.

Get it on Windows 10


Got feature request, bug report or general question? Please drop a message to or use the support section on the Chrome Web Store.